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The main purpose of this Blog is to introduce people to my books, and of course to invite comments on them. The links below will take you directly to the post  with the extracts indicated from the books. If you would like to buy the complete books, please go to

Links to EXTRACTS from some of these books appear below:

The Limbless Landlord – the story of Arthur Macmurrough Kavanagh
The Story of Ireland – A Day in the Life of the Brehan Aidan
The Story of Ireland – Strongbow and the Normans.
Strongbow the Norman Invader.
The Story of Ireland. Cromwell & Transportation.
The Last King of Ireland – Daniel O’Connell’s childhood.
The Last King of Ireland – Daniel O’Connell’s Schooldays.
The Story of Napper Tandy – Introduction.
The Story of Napper Tandy – Foreword.
Some Irish People – St. Patrick
Some Irish People – Brian “Boru”
Some Irish People – Charles Stuart Parnell




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